South South Solidarity. Reaching across Cultures and Countries


  • Interchanging expertise across developing countries, especially among civil society groups.

  • Learning to adapt to cross-cultural challenges.

  • Advocating on critical issues of poverty such as health, women, environment as they relate to hunger, landlessness and lack of livelihood.

  • Providing inter-cultural opportunites and analyzing commonalities and differences

  • Exploring different levels of solidarity between groups.

  • Sharing processes of community development and best practices.


  • Building solidarity among civil society groups across the members of the nine developing countries within the G-20 countries.

  • Working to strengthen social organizations in selected countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America through training and exchange to help them work more effectively with the poorest of the poor in non-violent campaigns, and to bring forward these concerns within the framework of the MDGs.

  • Linking women’s groups on gender issues related to land, livelihood and health issues.

  • Working on other exchange opportunities specifically related to environment and development.